Dennis H.

September of 2018, I decided my life had to change; hence, I had to change the way I live. As I was following Blue Wolf Yoga via social media, I became engaged and started to immerse myself into this yoga lifestyle. Hesitant to reach out to a perfect stranger to ask for help in understanding the practice of yoga. But instead, the greeting was with a very positive and warm response from Micah, and so my practice began. 

A few months later, I drummed up the courage to join Micah in one of his yoga studio classes in which I had to combat my social anxiety like never before. Coming to a yoga teacher training to learn amazing poses and feel connected with my body again was just what I needed. 

I had no idea the level of expansion, growth, transformation, and heart-opening I would undergo far Beyond any expectations. For the first time, people see my light, they get it, and reflect it to me. A life-affirming experience, in a way that filled my heart so completely that I know I can return home and do that for others. Thank you for providing such a loving, open, and inspiring environment for individuals to dive in and remember who they are. We have a bond and commitment to supporting each other on our journeys. Great experience with someone like Micah of Blue Wolf Yoga leaves you an energetic lift and connection! I’m proud to be part of this positive wolf pack indeed.

Micah Norgard